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Acupuncture, Gokhale Method, Wholistic Healing

Every Patient is Unique -
So Is Your Treatment!

Experience a highly personalized treatment focusing on
establishing a dynamic harmony between body & mind.

Leader in San Diego Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

A Natural Approach to
Re-Establishing Health

An internationally respected teacher, public speaker and health practitioner, Dr. Michael Spatuzzi has been practicing acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for over 35 years. Grounded in the belief that true health lives in one's ability to find pleasure in each and every day, Dr. Spatuzzi takes a wholistic approach to healing with an eye toward establishing dynamic harmony between body and mind.

Dr. Michael Spatuzzi, DACM, L.Ac.
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Activating your body’s natural healing capabilities

Brennan Healing Science

Aligning mind, body and spirit

Structural Integration

Restoring movement, flexibility and function

Cranial Sacral Work

Relieving deep-rooted tension

East & West Herbology

Natural remedies for safe,
effective healing

Gokhale Method

Retraining the body to live pain-free



"Dr Spatuzzi is awesome. I've been seeing him at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where he teaches, for about six months. He has all but cured me of the back pain I have been suffering from for almost 30 years. I tried everything short of surgery for my back injury (medication, chiropractic, physical therapy, epidurals), and nothing helped. I went to see Dr Spatuzzi for shin-splint pain (which was relieved after one visit), and he treated my back pain too. I have felt significant relief from my back pain after just the first few visits. He treatments have also helped with headaches and insomnia."
John T.
"Michael is without a doubt the best acupuncturist/healer I've ever experienced in the 20 years I've been getting treatment from probably 30 others. I drive 165 miles RT to see him for the past 7 years."
Lynn W.
"I can't count the times Michael has put me back together. I don't know what I'd do without him."
K. M.
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