The Acupuncture Energy Chart

Instantly recognizable and popular with practitioners and students all over the world, The Acupuncture Energy Chart (also known as The Illustrated Acupuncture Chart) is the perfect addition to any office or private practice.

This classic acupuncture chart uses colorful symbols arranged in an artfully simple layout to help you quickly locate acupuncture points and identify their specific energies. And because it’s as beautiful as it is functional, this easily framed 38” x 24” chart has also become a popular work of art for the home as well as the waiting room.

Originally created in 1982, The Acupuncture Energy Chart has been fully updated and digitally enhanced for greater clarity and accuracy. And to help you make the most out of your chart, each copy comes with a complimentary instructional booklet and guide to the basic principles of Chinese Medicine.


The Acupuncture Energy Chart

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